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Aug 21, 2013 6:00pm EDT
sends vice president joe biden's son to the hospital. someone owes obama several hundred bucks over the past few years. when it is the president, you might need to pay him. >> off to our west and down to south there are storms, lightning, heavy rain and wind gusts. i'll let you know if we need to keep an eye on the forecast. scott, what are you working on in sports? >> who practiced and who didn't and latest on kirk cousins. robert griffin iii and mike shanahan says who gets the final say.  >> son of vice president joe biden's son was hospitalized. state of massachusetts owes president obama a little bit of money. president will receive more than $300 for two cable tv refund checks. checks cut back in may 2009 from maryland cable account. state treasure's office and guesses it goes back to when president obama was a senator. rare honor for d.c.'s police chief, coming up, chief cathy lanier lays a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. >> a rare honor for d.c.'s police chief cathy lanier took part in a rare ceremony at tomb of the unknown. >> reporter: on this
Aug 20, 2013 6:00pm EDT
fighter jets during his vacation last week obama canceled joint military exercises with egypt. >> the review of a safetiance needs talks about appropriations in this fiscal year and the next begin nothing october. other countries including saudi arabia have indicated they will replace lost u.s. aid. in washington. fox news. >> iraqi war veteran accused of killing a navy seal sniper has been arraigned. shot and killed chris kyle and another man at a texas gun range. suffering from dtp to the range for therapy. the 25 year old held on 3 million dollars bond. army sergeant will face the victim's families. jury selection began for report bails. bails admitted to killing 16 afghan villagers mostly women and children. boys who survived will take the stand. >> news alert oust georgia a gun man armed fired shots in an elementary school. happened in deicature outside of atlanta the suspect got in the school following someone authorized to be there. fired a shot in the air. school was put on lock down. no one was hurt they were reunited with their relieved parents. >> been a lot on
Aug 22, 2013 6:00pm EDT
of the victims. >> demonstrators call on obama administration and internationai community to take action against syria. >> the problem is, the longer president obama takes the act or do something more extremists will come into my country and more people will ruin my countrn and the longer assad and regime in this china have to destroy my country. >> so action needs to be taken now. >>> the death toll in theh to attacks is estimated to grow in the next several days. >> the incident prompted an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council. >>> amid the crisisse in egypt hosni mubarak released from jail. a medical helicopter left the jail and took mubarak to a military hospital in cairo. >> it is expected he will be placed under house arrest. it is clear that mubarak is free after two years in detention. >> egypt is going through aville transition after ouster offter president morsi last month. >> the edge on virginia where a jury is now deliberating in thei vanessa pham murder trial.. >> julio blanco-garcia is charged with first-degree murdes fort- the stabbing of the on deh 19 years ago. >>> la
Aug 19, 2013 6:00pm EDT
hundreds around the country. >> as president obama has said, we are reviewi ining every aspef our relationship. >> meanwhile, hosni mubarak could be released later this week. as more continue to die in the streets of egypt -- two dozen off duty policeman were killed execution style. it may not matter in egypt as the saudi foreign minister says they will make up for any loss that occurs. >> former egyptian president hosni mubarak could be released. he faces allegations he and sons face embezzlement charges and killing of 900 protesters that ended his 29-year rule. new at 6:00, he has been sentenced, convicted robber cairo dorsi. he was convicted -- ran from the courtroom. down four flights of stairs, took refuge in the ladies room. >> because of the security measures, if you think you are going to escape from this building, you are not. he is doing a far greater sentence because of his conduct during the trial and the escape. >> he left the women's room and started running, a juror tripped him by sticking out his leg. largest gun bust in new york city history. nypd ceased 200 guns.
Aug 16, 2013 6:00pm EDT
today installing solar panels part ofs the initiative of the obama administration to promote renewable energy.. >> they are regarding federal agency to renew -- meanwhile thh family took in a bike ride during their vacation at martha's vineyard. the president and his oldest daughter mallia, and the first lady were not too far behind. t >>> straight ahead on the edge, it's the new conspiracy theory that people had been thinking about for a long time, and it's been debunked. area 51 h 51 51 declassified. so what went on in there. >> what mike shanahan thoughtshh they got out of the past three weeks. plus gm bruce allen gives us with the controversy between shani and r get 3. >>> ass nation's capital's prepares to commemorate the --te as the nation prepares to commemorate the airplanes of the march, send us information, and hash tag myfoxdc, or load pictures to myfoxdc, and youmyf, have a story or idea, there's the number and e-mail address.  >>> the bikers started out at somerset, pennsylvania thislvant morning. at the flight 93 crash site andn road to the pentagon. the america's 9/
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5